Statistics Module

Making it easy to monitor and measure your quality, safety and risk performance in real-time.

Is your safety, quality and risk data working for you?!

Take "gut feeling" out of safety, quality and risk based management. Use your data to drive business decisions and strategies, and to raise performance. 


Data Analytics

Present your safety, quality and risk data in clear, graphical ways and engage your audience.

Data driven decisions can reduce costs, improve efficiency and help grow your business.  bSafer makes data analytics simple and intuitive.



Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

KPI's as a motivator!

Create safety, quality and risk assessment KPI's to motivate your performance and monitor progress in real-time via your PC, tablet or mobile. 

KPI's give measurable targets which can be set for your whole organisation, specific groups, locations or guest companies as required. Set KPI's for all types of reporting, activities and risk assessment within bSafer.