Report Module

Make it easy to report accidents and incidents etc

Report direct from your PC, mobile or tablet.

Simple, clear and intuitive access to all your company reporting.

No more paper forms or email!

Report from PC, mobile or tablet

Lower resistance to safety and quality reporting. bSafer brings you the latest technology allowing you to breakdown the traditional barriers to reporting.

Make reports with minimal fuss from the bSafer mobile app or the bSafer software on your PC. Add photos, files etc to supplement your report.

Report anonymously if preferred. 


Reports Register


Generated reports are instantly registered in your Company bSafer account. 

bSafer gives you a clear , always up to date, overview of your reports.  Filter, sort, edit, export as you wish.

Possibile to have an "in-app" correspondance with the report author... even if they have reported anonymously.


Module Customization

It's easy to set up bSafer to match your existing ways of working.

Use your admin panel to change default report categories, names and definitions to whatever is familiar to your business.