Risk Module

Make it easy to plan, conduct, communicate and follow-up risk assessments and risk registers

The bSafer Risk Module is a simple and intuitive tool to manage risk.

Take guesswork and gut feeling away from risk management. The bSafer risk module gives you a real-time overview of your organisations risks at all times and allows you to communicate risk with your workforce in an instant.



Risk Assessments the easy way

Make risk assessments via PC, mobile or tablet and share them and associated actions with groups and users.

bSafer allows you to choose what assessments to share in the mobile app and with which groups and users.  

Pre-loaded with risk assessment templates for efficiency, or just start from scratch without a template.  Make your own risk assessment templates if you want. 





Risk Register

A simple and up-to-date overview of your Company's risks from your PC, mobile or tablet.

You never know when a meeting, phone call or news report will change your risk picture. View, edit or add new risks and actions to your risk register any time, from the office or while on the go using your mobile. Identify any given risk as a "top risk" to increase focus.

Filter and sort any aspect of your risk register, such as sort highest per category, risk owner or "top risks". Or search for words or phrases in any field. Use filter and search results to produce concise and up-to-date risk reports.





There are six risk default (editable) risk categories in bSafer;

- Cost

- Schedule

- Quality

- Health/Safety

- Environment

- Reputation

Configure your bSafer account so that you have the risk categories you want. You can edit the their names via your admin panel, if you like. You can also disable categories if you want. 

You can even modify the default risk and opportunity matrices to match your own.