Activity Module

Make it easy to plan, conduct and follow-up activities such as audits, inspections, tests and meetings etc. 

You always have an overview of actions related to each activity. No more searching in old minutes of meeting, paper action lists or reports.


Activity planning

Register your planned activity via mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Your Company bSafer activity register is automatically updated as users add and update their activities. 

Save time by using one of the many pre-loaded template activity checklists including checklists for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.  Add your own templates or adjust the pre-loaded template checklists if you want.


Conducting your activity

Open your planned activity, fill in your checklist (if you made one), add any findings and actions, press save as a "complete" activity. You're done! 

No separate report writing.  Your activity, complete with findings and actions is ready in report format complete with automatic numbering and version control.

Search, filter and sort your activity register, with shortcuts for common functions like view, edit and export to PDF.




Change the bSafer settings to be in line with your company terminology and systems.

Configure your activity module settings to whatever is familiar to your business via your admin panel.