Make bSafer your own!

Modify the colours, settings, definitions and logos of your bSafer subscription to align with those of your business.

All customisation can be performed by you via your admin panel. Nevertheless, we are of course available to assist in customisation should you so wish.



Align bSafer to match with your company branding.  

Upload your company logo and change the colours to match your company via your branding tab in the administration module.

Modify the colours and logos for the mobile app and the software, along with branding for export documents (PDFs) to ensure the look and feel of your bSafer account matches your Company brand.


Module Customization

Change and customise almost any of the default names, definitions or categories within bSafer to align with your established processes.

Disable entire modules if they are not to be used, and they will disappear from the software sidebar and mobile app. Re-activate modules any time via your admin module.

Simplify your handling of risk by toggling any of the six built-in risk categories off. Adjust the risk matrix and definitions to align with your existing procedures. 


Users and Groups

Build your user base quickly and with minimal administration.

Use an email address to create and send a single invitation, or cut and paste multiple email addresses into the invitation to invite many with a single click.

Removing users is just as easy via the delete icon on your Company bSafer administration panel.  

Define and establish your own user groups according to your business structure, whether that be projects, departments, locations, teams, offices etc.